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What is Musicovering about?

We, Joe and Phil, have known each other and worked together for over a decade creating music in conventional and less conventional ensembles. Among the more prominent ensembles is the band Bottle Boys with whom we have traveled the world performing music on glass bottles and producing music videos.
We have started Musicovering as a platform where we take turns to initiate the writing of a song in which we experiment with various musical concepts. The intention is to discover and share new musical possibilities – hence the name 😉 – and to tell stories in a new way.

So we will employ unconventional acoustic sounds and creative musical and lyrical concepts in our songs and challenge ourselves to perform them live for our video releases. The motto for our videos is: “What you see is what you get.” Thus every video is a one-take of a live performance.

For each song we will write a blog post in which we give all of you who would love to get a better understanding of the idea behind the particular song an insight to the process – What was the main concept? What obstacles did we encounter along the way? What have we learned? And so on. 🙂 So hopefully it will inspire you to experiment and work creatively with your own ideas as well.

Are you ready to go musicovering with us? Then go ahead and have a look at our videos and head over to the blog to gain some insights to the ideas behind the various songs. And finally, if you like what we do at Musicovering and would love to support our work be sure to check out our Patreon page.

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