The story behind our string quartet – “Quartet for 2 Stringers” – Musicovering song #4

Finally we are back with a new project. As a composer and arranger Joe has written a lot of music for string ensembles of various kinds (and for symphony orchestra), and we thought it might be cool to feature his skills in writing music for strings in a Musicovering project. So he came up with the idea to write a string quartet for two … that is a string quartet for two musicians who are incidentally utter string instrument noobs. 😀
Well, that is exactly what Musicovering is all about: discovering new musical possibilities and challenging ourselves musically – while at the same time, hopefully, inspiring others to express themselves musically in new ways. So all we needed for this was a pair of violins, a viola and a cello. Since we could get our hands on two violins and Joe has more the size of a cello while I am seemingly more of a viola, things were settled: If you cannot get your hands on an instrument, become the instrument yourself. Incidentally, we both tried to find resources on how to imitate a viola and a cello convincingly with our voices.
… that showed to be too much of a niche – even for YouTube.
So this might be a world premiere of a piece featuring a vocal violist and vocal cellist.
Joe’s first draft of our string quartet actually involved bows. But for complete violin noobs the road to an even halfway acceptable musical result when bowing a violin proved to be ridiculously long … so we ended up with violin parts that are exclusively pizzicato. The viola and cello part on the other hand feature both bowed and plucked passages – and lots of very deeply felt facial expressions. 😉
Hope you will enjoy our quartet for two s(tr)ingers and maybe even pick up a new instrument yourself. Though this project did not turn us into violinists, we definitely had fun playing the violin. Now the ice is broken…