The thoughts behind “I Need to Move” – Musicovering song #3

Yesterday, on the last day of November, we released our third video. So here we are – that makes one video each month for two months straight! 😛 Doing our best to keep up the pace, while delivering innovative content.

Now let me share the story behind this project. As a drummer and percussionist I have always loved body percussion as a concept, but before I wrote this song I had never actually done a body percussion performance as such. Though I have always been fascinated by great body percussion performances, I sometimes felt alone in my experience of awe – especially when I was with non-percussionists. But then again there was a time in my life when the best thing I knew was listening to a 45 minute drum solo by Vinnie Colaiuta! I still remember enthusiastically playing an excerpt of it to a (non-drummer) friend who just looked at me and said something along the lines of, “What’s the deal? Every drummer could sit down and do that, I guess.” Well … what a misunderstanding! What I heard when I listened to that solo was a 45 minute song – a mind-blowing improvised composition -, my non-drummer friend on the other hand seemed to hear nothing but rather random sounds of someone banging on a drumset.

So when I set out to write a body percussion song for Musicovering, it was clear from the beginning that it would have to be a song, first and foremost, with a melody line of some kind, a harmonic structure and a body percussion choreography. What we ended up writing is a two-voice a cappella song with a song structure typical of a pop song and a body percussion rhythm section. 😀 That way we couldn’t avoid challenging our multitasking abilities either. But hey, no one said that it had to be easy.

As for the lyrics, “I Need to Move” is a song about the need for movement to get you out of your comfort zone and bring about necessary change. And since neither Joe nor me is a dancer (or even an experienced body percussionist) we definitely got out of our comfort zones. If nothing else, I hope the fact that we put ourselves out there can inspire you to take a leap of faith in situations when you feel unconfident and may be procrastinating but know that you need to move and make a change in your life.

We shot the video at a beautiful location in Copenhagen called Dansekapellet (the dance chapel) housing a stunning hall called Kuppelsalen (the dome hall). It is an old chapel that is now refurbished as a venue for dancing classes and performances. And to top it all off, we got the absolute dream team of Steadicam photographers, Mads Hoppe and Kim Jensen, to capture our whole performance in one long shot – making everything look better than in real life. We absolutely love working with these guys!

We truly hope that you will enjoy the result!

For those of you who are musicians and love trying out new stuff, I want to include a transcript of some of the rhythms that we do. In the pre-choruses and the choruses most of the body percussion rhythms we do are in unison – this is so for visual reasons and to increase the volume. But in the verses we use the concept of splitting up a rhythm between the two of us in a linear fashion. (By the way, we use that same concept a lot in the Bottle Boys as well, when we need to play fast melody lines.) It is a great way to get in sync musically, while it can be quite challenging rhythmically. But we love to collaborate wherever we can, and you should definitely try it out with a friend! 🙂

Verse 1:


Verse 2:

Symbol legend:

Have fun! 😀